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Who We Are

Established under SSTTEK in 2021, SSTTEK Academy aims to train well-equipped and productive technology experts and add value to national and global employment by adopting the mission of gaining the skills of the future through sustainable education, lifelong learning and development.

Our journey started with the aim of training the best technology experts for SSTTEK, and it continued with the training we provided in-house and outside the company. In accordance with the principles of continuous education, learning and development, we continue to offer training on subjects such as software development, project management, business analysis and training of the trainers to individuals who want to increase their knowledge and skills. In the same direction, we offer training programs and various opportunities in line with the needs of the employees to help SSTTEK employees develop their professional, technical and social knowledge and skills, discover their talents and enable them to contribute to the goals of our company.

We are determined to train the technology experts of the future through robust education, lifelong learning and continuous development that empowers individuals.

Let’s hear our Founder’s vision for SSTTEK Academy:

Core Values

Sustainable Education

Lifelong Learning

Continuous Development

Mastery of Essential Skills

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