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Bootcamp at SSTTEK Academy

Improve yourself with 8–10-week bootcamps at SSTTEK Academy and step into your dream career journey.

What is Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are special programs that offer short-term and intensive trainings. Bootcamps aim to teach a specific skill set quickly and effectively. These intensive training programs open new doors for those who want to advance their careers quickly and effectively.

Bootcamps are great options for those who want to specialize in a specific field intensively in a short time. Especially those who want to make a career in fields such as software development, data science and full stack can gain practical skills through bootcamp programs and become equipped in accordance with the demands in the sector.

If you want to pursue a career in software development or other technological fields, a bootcamp program may be ideal for you. You can choose bootcamps to improve yourself in the technology world and gain new skills. At SSTTEK Academy, you can create a career path by gaining practical skills with bootcamp programs in popular fields such as Front-end and Back-end software development, product owner, business analyst and digital marketing.

Bootcamp Processes

The bootcamp process aims to take participants through rapid training in a determined training curriculum. Participants are provided with an intense learning experience in a short time with a balance between theoretical lessons and practical applications. Instructors and mentors guide and support participants throughout the whole process.

Who Can Participate in Bootcamps?

Participants of our bootcamps are generally expected to have basic knowledge in the relevant field. Our bootcamps are open to participants of all levels, from beginner candidates to experienced professionals.

Requirements for Applying to Bootcamps

You can fill out the form on the “Application” page to apply for our bootcamps. If you apply for front-end bootcamp or back-end bootcamp, you should also share examples of the projects you have developed, in addition to your education and work experiences.

Online Bootcamps

SSTTEK Academy is one of the organizations that provide online software bootcamps in Turkey. Most of our software and project management trainings are online bootcamps. Online bootcamps provide flexibility to participants by eliminating geographical limitations. You can get the opportunity to receive remote education with our online bootcamps with live lessons, online materials and interactive sessions and projects.

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Business Analyst

Product Owner

Digital Marketing

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