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Back-end Development

Do you want to improve yourself in back-end development, the core part of software projects?

SSTTEK Academy back-end training is a program that covers many courses compiled by considering the needs of the industry and you can experience all the subjects practically. In SSTTEK Academy back-end trainings, you can design databases, code high-performance queries, and create application architectures that are independent from database technologies.

In this training, which aims to develop platform-independent applications using the net core library, you can make basic developments of web, Windows, Linux or mobile software. With .NET Core, you can learn and implement the details of how web applications should be developed, and make the necessary improvements for the security of your application.

Click here to see the details of our upcoming .NET Core Bootcamp!

For learning many technologies practically and use them with the architectural principles established in the sector and learn to produce solutions, you can apply to our back-end training.

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