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We Attended FBÜ, YTÜ and İTÜ Career Events

Recently, SSTTEK and SSTTEK Academy had the pleasure of participating in career events at three different universities, where we connected with students and discussed various career opportunities. In addition to the promotional items we gifted our booth visitors, we drew a lottery to award 19 visitors with special prizes such as free training and mentoring support! Our thorough preparation for these events was certainly rewarded, and we are delighted to see our efforts bear fruit.

Our first engagement was on May 8th at Fenerbahçe University’s Career Week. Here, we had enriching dialogues with the students who visited our stand about the steps they can take for their career development and the business world.

Another career event that we attended was Yıldız Technical University’s Career Fair held on May 9th. This provided another fantastic platform for us to guide students on the dynamics of the business world, career planning, and the key points to consider in their academic and career development.

Finally, on May 15th, we met with students at Istanbul Technical University’s Internship and Interview Days to share our knowledge and experiences on various topics. These career fairs presented invaluable opportunities for us to share our experiences and knowledge with the next generation of professionals.

Through these events, we had the opportunity to introduce our company, our brands, our work culture, and the job opportunities we offer. We also provided students with valuable industry insights, helping them gain a clearer perspective on their career paths. We extend our sincere gratitude to Fenerbahçe University, Yıldız Technical University, and Istanbul Technical University for hosting these events, which allowed us to forge strong connections with students and contribute to their career development. As SSTTEK Academy, we eagerly anticipate meeting more students in the future and supporting them on their career journeys!

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