Unit Testing: Definition, Examples, and Critical Best Practices

Unit Testing: Definition, Examples, and Critical Best Practices

Unit testing is a fundamental part of software programming, so it should be known by everyone interested in coding. What is unit testing, though? To give a brief definition of unit testing, it refers to the scrutinization of the smallest testable parts of a software application. In this way, the function of a software’s smallest units could be tested before they are integrated into each other. 

Imagine you are building a robot. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to test each component of the robot before you assemble them? So, unit testing ensures that a software application is working and lets you detect and eliminate any errors before it is finished. 

A typical unit test follows the AAA (Arrange-Act-Assert) pattern, which provides a developer with a systematic approach to structure the test code in a clearer and easier way. The subsequent step refers to setting up the test case. In the second part, the method or code is triggered based on the setup created in the “Arrange” phase. The final step functions as a verification so that it gets checked whether the tested function works as it should or whether it triggers the necessary actions on the components it depends on. 

Who Conducts Unit Testing? 

Unit testing is used widely by software developers. Front-end developers create unit tests to verify the functionality of user interface elements such as buttons, forms, and other interactive elements while back-end developers operate them to ensure functions like handling database queries or processing business logic work precisely.  

We don’t make the rules but if you’re on the path to becoming a software developer, unit testing is a crucial skill that you need to master. SSTTEK Academy’s Front-End Development and Back-End Development Bootcamps are designed to equip you with the necessary skill set for becoming a successful developer. During the training, you can benefit from our expert instructors and learn while practicing. 

Which Unit Test Frameworks Should I Use? 

You can choose any of the frameworks given below and create your own unit test project using the samples available on their sites. 

  1. MSTest 
  2. MBunit 
  3. NUnit 
  4. xUnit 
  5. Quilt HTTP 
  6. JMockit 
  7. Microsoft unit testing Framework 

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