What is String  - SSTTEK Academy


A string is one of the data types in computer science, also known as text or a character array. A string is formed by combining one or more characters and is commonly used to represent human-readable text data. 

Strings are used in computer programs to store, process, and manipulate text data. For example, a user’s name, a message, or the content of a file can be represented as a string. 

Strings are found in many programming languages and provide a set of functions and methods to perform various operations. For instance, operations such as finding the length of a string, changing its characters, concatenating, splitting, or searching can be performed on strings. 

Strings are typically defined within double quotes (” “) or single quotes (‘ ‘). 

Strings play an important role in representing and processing text data within a program and are widely used in many software applications. 

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