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Scrum is an agile software development methodology used primarily in software development processes. It is used by a team to quickly and flexibly complete a project within a specific timeframe. 

The key components of Scrum are: 

Product Owner: Determines the project’s business requirements, creates the product vision, and establishes a product backlog to define product requirements. 

Development Team: Members of the team who develop the software and deliver the project. During each sprint, they take tasks from the product backlog defined by the product owner and complete them. 

Scrum Master: Supports and oversees the implementation of Scrum. They remove obstacles, support the team, facilitate process improvements, and ensure the team effectively follows the Scrum process. 

The main principles of Scrum include: 

Iterative and Incremental Development: Projects are planned in short periods called “sprints.” Each sprint, typically lasting 2-4 weeks, results in the delivery of a functional product or feature. 

Transparent and Collaborative Work: The project process and progress are visible and shared among all team members using tools like regular meetings and visual boards. Team members work in constant communication and collaboration. 

Evaluation of Prioritized Requirements: Project requirements are continuously revised and prioritized. The product owner identifies features with the highest business value and ensures the team prioritizes these features. 

Scrum is a popular choice in software development processes due to its flexibility, rapid delivery, and continuous improvement. 

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