What is Regex  - SSTTEK Academy


Regex is short for “Regular Expression” and is a language used to express regular patterns. It is commonly used to define and match specific patterns within a piece of text. Regex is widely used in text processing and search operations. 

Regex is a string pattern created using special characters, text characters, and specific sets of rules. This pattern is used to identify patterns in a specific piece of text and perform operations based on these patterns. 

A regex expression can be a simple or complex string pattern, such as: 

Simple Regex Example: The expression /hello/ searches for the word “hello” within a text and finds any matching instances. 

Complex Regex Example: The expression


can be used to validate email addresses. This expression checks whether a specific piece of text conforms to the email address format. 

Regex is used in many areas such as text processing, text sorting, data analysis, form validation, and automation. However, regex expressions can be complex and may take some time to learn. Regex expressions are a powerful tool for defining a pattern and performing operations on text based on that pattern. 

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