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Redux Toolkit

Redux Toolkit is an official helper library for Redux designed to simplify the development of Redux-based applications. It reduces Redux boilerplate, minimizes code repetition, and speeds up the development process. 

The key features of Redux Toolkit include: 

  • Simplifying Redux Setup and Configuration: Redux Toolkit allows you to set up and configure Redux with a few simple steps. It automates repetitive tasks required for Redux usage and allows you to write less code initially. 
  • Increasing Developer Productivity: Redux Toolkit enhances developer productivity by utilizing modern JavaScript features. For example, it provides easy loading and usage, enabling developers to write less boilerplate code. 
  • Including Immer and Redux Thunk: Redux Toolkit includes popular helper libraries like Immer and Redux Thunk. Immer enables Redux Toolkit users to make changes in an easier and more readable way, while Redux Thunk facilitates asynchronous operations with Redux. 
  • Mutable API and Immutable API: Redux Toolkit supports both Mutable API and Immutable API, allowing developers to choose their preferred API based on their existing codebase. 
  • Enhanced Performance: Redux Toolkit includes optimized features and advanced algorithms to improve performance, resulting in faster execution of Redux-based applications. 

Redux Toolkit is designed to reduce the complexity of Redux and accelerate the development process. It can be particularly beneficial for teams developing large and complex applications, making Redux usage more efficient and effective. 

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