Our Collaboration with SistersLab - SSTTEK Academy

Our Collaboration with SistersLab

As SSTTEK Academy, our collaboration with SistersLab to present job and internship opportunities to their successful academy graduates trained as a part of the Project for Empowering and Enabling Employment for Junior Software Developers Affected by Disasters, is an important step towards developing the process of re-empowering societies affected by natural disasters. This initiative of SistersLab aims to provide support to young people affected by the earthquake and to rebuild their lives through education and employment opportunities in the technology sector. As the project partner, this project combines SSTTEK’s expertise in the field of technology and the potential to provide employment with  SistersLab’s mission to empower women in STEM fields. SistersLab implements this project with the support provided under the Regional Recovery Support Program which was established in cooperation with the Support Foundation for Civil Society (Sivil Toplum için Destek Vakfı) and Turkey Mozaik Foundation. 

This project aims to provide comprehensive training programs, mentoring opportunities and employment assistance to promising software developers affected by disaster, and by combining technical skills development with a focus on gender inclusivity, we are actively supporting the mission of closing the gender gap in this field and equipping young people with the necessary tools for success in the technology industry. We are a proud partner of SistersLab and believe in this project as a stark example for future generations of the transformative potential of collaborations to promote education, gender equality and economic empowerment after natural disasters, through the Empowerment and Access to Employment of Software Developer Youth Affected by Disaster Project. 

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