November 2022 NET Core Bootcamp

November 2022.NET Core Bootcamp

SSTTEK Academy’s November 2022 .NET Core Bootcamp has started to explain .NET Core in detail to young software developers who aim to become back-end developers.  

SSTTEK Academy continues to prepare new graduates and senior university students for a career in software development. The .NET Core Bootcamp kicked off to train young people for a back-end software developer career with guidance from SSTTEK’s experienced back-end developers. 

.NET Core Bootcamp started with the participation of 34 young software developers who passed the pre-selection as a result of the technical interview after their applications. The candidates will learn the .NET Core library from scratch at this bootcamp. After explaining the basics of back-end development, the knowledge and improvement of the candidates will be tested with hands-on training to ensure competence and proficiency through practical experience. 

We aim to bring qualified software developers to the sector with this .NET Core Bootcamp which is also a part of the trainings we conduct in cooperation with İŞKUR. Successful candidates, who complete the 7 weeklong .NET Core Bootcamp, will have the chance to explore career opportunities opened by SSTTEK Academy. There are career opportunities both in the software industry and within SSTTEK waiting for young software developers who will become Jr.Back-end Developers after SSTTEK Academy’s .NET Core Bootcamp. 

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