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Query is a lightweight and fast JavaScript library used in web development projects. It simplifies many common tasks in web development, such as traversing the HTML document in the DOM (Document Object Model), manipulating events, creating animations, making AJAX calls, and changing CSS styles. 

The key features of jQuery include: 

  • DOM Manipulation: jQuery makes DOM manipulations like selecting, adding, removing, and changing elements in the HTML document easier. This is used for dynamically creating and modifying web pages. 
  • Event Handling: jQuery provides methods for capturing and handling user interactions/events. For example, handling events like clicking a button or submitting a form. 
  • AJAX Operations: jQuery provides an easy interface for making AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) calls. This allows web pages to communicate asynchronously with the server and exchange data. 
  • Animations: jQuery facilitates animation operations like moving, showing, or hiding HTML elements with animations. This is used to add visually appealing and interactive features to web pages. 
  • CSS Manipulation: jQuery allows dynamic changes to CSS style properties and applying them to elements. This is used to change the appearance and style of web pages. 

jQuery works compatibly in many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE) and provides developers with a faster and more efficient way of working on web projects. However, with the development of modern JavaScript APIs in web browsers, the need for jQuery has decreased, and modern JavaScript methods and frameworks have become more prevalent. 

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