What is Flutter - SSTTEK Academy


Flutter is an open-source software development kit developed by Google for building user interfaces (UI) for mobile, web, and desktop platforms. It is used to create fast and beautiful user interfaces and is a multi-platform framework that runs on a single codebase, allowing quick deployment to different platforms. 

The key features of Flutter include: 

Rapid Development: Flutter is designed for rapid prototyping and development. The Hot Reload feature enables developers to see the results immediately after changing the code, speeding up the development process. 

Single Codebase: Flutter uses a single codebase for applications running on different platforms. This eliminates the need for developers to rewrite the same code and simplifies the development process. 

Powerful UI Library: Flutter offers a rich UI library, including pre-built widgets, animations, effects, and touch interactions. This makes it easy to create user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing applications. 

Performance: Flutter is optimized to provide a fast and smooth user experience. It leverages Skia, a C++-based engine, to enhance graphics rendering performance. 

Open Source and Community Support: Flutter is an open-source project with a large developer community. This community provides support to developers through documentation, samples, plugins, and help forums. 

Flutter is an officially supported and popular mobile app development platform by Google. In addition to mobile platforms like iOS and Android, Flutter can also be used to develop web and desktop applications. Therefore, it is a strong choice for developers looking to develop applications across multiple platforms. 

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