What is Crawler  - SSTTEK Academy


A crawler is a type of software or bot used by web browsers or search engines. It is used to crawl the internet, index web pages, and gather information. Crawlers automatically scan a website, analyze its content, follow links, and record this information in a database or index. 

The primary functions of crawlers include: 

  • Crawling Web Pages: Crawlers scan an entire website by crawling all its pages and retrieve the content from these pages. 
  • Following Links: Crawlers follow links found on a website and navigate to other websites through these links. 
  • Indexing Content: Crawlers analyze the content of crawled web pages and index important keywords, titles, meta descriptions, and other information. 
  • Recording in a Database: By recording indexed information in a database or index, crawlers enable search engines to respond quickly and accurately to user search queries. 

Crawlers are commonly used by web search engines and play a significant role in indexing and ranking websites. They can also be used to evaluate website performance, analyze content, and gather specific data. However, in some cases, they can be used by malicious users, for example, to create spam sites or leak data. 

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