What is Cookies - SSTTEK Academy


Cookies are small text files stored on users’ computers or devices by web browsers. They are sent to a web browser by a website visited and stored by the browser. During subsequent visits, the browser sends these cookies to the relevant website, allowing the website to remember the visitor’s past interactions and provide personalized experiences. 

The basic functions of cookies include: 

  • Session Management: Session cookies enable user authentication when logging into a website. Throughout the user’s session, session cookies recognize the user and keep them logged in. 
  • User Preferences: Cookies can store user preferences and settings. For example, settings such as preferred language or theme can be stored via cookies. 
  • Tracking and Analytics: Website owners can track and analyze visitor interactions through cookies. This is an important tool for understanding how users use the website and improving it. 
  • Targeted Advertising: Advertisers track users’ online behavior through cookies and deliver targeted ads. This ensures that ads are more personalized and effective. 

Cookies are typically managed in browser settings. Users can choose to accept, reject, or delete specific cookies. However, some websites may require cookies for certain services to function correctly. 

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