What is Cache - SSTTEK Academy


Cache is a commonly used term in computer science and refers to a temporary storage area. Cache is used to provide quick access to specific data or operations, enhancing performance by making data or operations reusable. 

Cache is typically located in faster-accessed regions of memory. Instead of retrieving data from slower components like the processor or disk, data is retrieved from faster-accessed memory regions using cache, enabling faster operation of the processor or application. 

Cache is used in various fields, such as: 

  • Web Browser Cache: Web browsers cache previously visited web pages or downloaded files for faster access, allowing users to load web pages more quickly. 
  • Database Cache: Databases cache frequently used data or queries to speed up database access, facilitating faster database operations. 
  • Processor Cache: Processors cache previously used data or commands for faster access, leading to faster processor operation and overall system performance improvement. 

Cache not only enhances system performance but also ensures more efficient resource utilization. Caching commonly used data or operations prevents unnecessary recomputation or access, avoiding wasteful use of system resources. 

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