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Back End 

Back end refers to the server-side part of a website or web application. This part manages the functionality of the website or application, processes data, even though users do not see it. 

Back end developers create and manage the code that runs on the server side of a website or application. This code can perform database operations, user authentication, implement business logic, and process data by running on the server. 

Back end developers typically use server-side programming languages and frameworks. For example, languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and frameworks like Django, Flask, Laravel, Express.js are commonly used tools in back end development. 

The back end of a website or application typically includes various functionalities such as database management, user management, session management, security, and authorization. It forms a crucial part of the web development process, creating the foundational infrastructure that allows users to interact with the website or application. 

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