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Ant Design 

Ant Design is an open-source React UI component library developed and offered by Alibaba Group. It includes a wide range of UI components that are modern, stylish, easy to use, and rich in features. 

Key features of Ant Design include: 

  • Extensive Component Library: Ant Design includes many ready-to-use components for building user interfaces. It offers a wide range of components such as form elements, tables, cards, buttons, menus, modals, and more. 
  • Implementation of Design Language: Ant Design is developed based on the Ant Design Language System, which provides a set of guidelines and guides to make the design and functionality of the user interface consistent. 
  • Theme Support: Ant Design provides customizable theme support, allowing you to easily adjust the colors, typography, and other design elements of your application or website. 
  • Compatibility with React: Since Ant Design is a React-based library, it can be seamlessly integrated with React projects. This enables React developers to quickly use Ant Design components in their projects. 
  • Ease of Use: Ant Design provides easy-to-use and understandable APIs. Many features and behaviors of the components are predefined and cover typical usage scenarios, allowing developers to write less code and complete their tasks more quickly. 

Ant Design is a popular choice for developers looking to speed up UI development and provide a professional and modern look for web applications. 

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