What is Angular  - SSTTEK Academy


Angular is a JavaScript framework developed by Google and is commonly used to create Single Page Applications (SPAs). It brings together a set of tools and libraries for building dynamic and interactive web applications. 

Key features of Angular include: 

  • Comprehensive MVC Structure: Angular is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, providing a clear separation between the application’s data (Model), user interface (View), and business logic (Controller) components. 
  • Data Binding: Angular enables automatic synchronization between the application’s data model and user interface through data binding, allowing for dynamic updates of data and instant responsiveness of the user interface. 
  • Modular Structure: Angular has a modular structure that allows the application code to be divided into components, promoting reusability and ease of maintenance. 
  • Directives: Angular extends HTML code through directives, allowing the creation of custom HTML tags. Directives are used to create reusable components in the user interface. 
  • Routing: Angular provides a routing system to manage navigation between different pages within the application, commonly used for handling multiple-page transitions in SPAs. 
  • Dependency Injection: Angular supports dependency injection, facilitating the transmission and sharing of data and services between components. This enhances the application’s flexibility and ease of testing. 

Angular offers a powerful solution for developing complex and interactive web applications. It has a large community and comprehensive documentation, making it easier for developers to create successful projects with Angular. 

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